Meet The Band

Paul Bumbry, Les Campbell, Jim Carney, Tony “Too Hype” Contee, Art Diggs, Ron “Smooth” Fowler, Monty "Mellow" Tillman, ELWarren “SPOON” Weatherspoon

Expectations are WE ARE ONE TRIBUTE X-PERIENCE BAND will be voted the Best Tribute Band of the year.


Band Member: Paul "P-Funk" Bumbry

Instrument: Vocals/Keyboards

Meet: Paul "P-Funk" Bumbry

Band Member: Les "The MD" Campbel

Instrument: Bass/Vocals

Meet: Les "The MD" Campbel

Band Member: Jim "Choir Boy"Carney

Instrument: Percussions/Vocals

Meet: Jim "Choir Boy"Carney

Band Member: Tony “Too Hype” Contee

Instrument: Guitar/Vocals

Meet: Tony “Too Hype” Contee

Band Member: Art "Shy Brotha" Diggs

Instrument: Keyboards

Meet: Art "Shy Brotha" Diggs

Band Member: Ron “Smooth” Fowler

Instrument: Percussions/Vocals

Meet: Ron “Smooth” Fowler

Band Member: Monty "Mellow" Tillman

Instrument: Keyboards

Meet: Monty "Mellow" Tillman

Band Member: ELWarren “SPOON” Weatherspoon

Instrument: Drums/Vocals

Meet: ELWarren “SPOON” Weatherspoon